Sipping on my First Morning Coffee

Sipping on my first morning coffee while contemplating the view on mountains and wild horses.

I’m thinking to myself in that moment that life is good. Not perfect, not easy, but good.
That if we can stay present in each moment everything will feel smoother and easier.
It is in these moments when I bring myself to here and now. When I don’t worry about the work
I need to finish, clients I should email and things that didn’t go as expected in the past.
The struggle comes when we are living in the past wondering what we could or should do
Stressing ourselves out about the future, making in our heads the worst-case scenarios.
I learned that when I can truly just sit down, focus on what I have right now in my hands I can
see more clearly.
I can focus better on what I can do with what I have. And when facing obstacles?
Because let’s be honest, no matter how great and perfect life we are seeing or presenting on
social medias, we all are facing hardships in our lives.
So, when I feel stuck in my struggles, I just ask myself how can I turn obstacles into
Opportunities to learn, to grow, and to become ready for the next level in our lives.
The contract that didn’t close? The client that didn’t pay? Ask yourself what you can learn from
What can you do so it doesn’t’ happen again.
Because until we learn our lessons and grow out of it like a larva into beautiful butterfly, the
situations are going to keep repeating itself.
Next time you are facing obstacles in life, forget the past, don’t worry about future, but
honestly assess where you are right now and how can you turn your obstacle into opportunity.
And trust me, you are not alone on this journey!
I’m here cheering on you with my coffee and smile!
Let’s keep growing my friend.

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