The Best Advertising for you is Word of Mouth

As every morning, I was talking over the phone with my grandma. I love starting my days with her since I feel like she always brightens ups my day and sets my mood for success.
This morning it was little bit different.

When I hang on the phone I saw I had missed call and voice mail. And when I started to listen to the message, the smile on my face was just getting bigger.

It was a message from one of my clients from company I used to work until the last year. But before I tell you about the message let me give you little back story.

I used to work as office manager and customer service for company that was creating custom suits for fitness competitors.

Each suit was fully custom, so many of our clients required special attention to each detail.
This client was no exception.

She was in our store few times already, and I know from her that she used to work with many different designers in the past. I was taking special care about her since I was just couple years in customer service and each visit was valuable lesson.

This client always seemed little bit distant, little bit in rush, and little demanding.
In the past I would probably think to myself some not very flattering thoughts after long day in the office.
However, after reading books and studying videos about the best customer service practices from Zappos, Quest nutrition, and Amazon, I was keeping my personal thoughts on the side.

Then one day this lady show up in our store for fitting her suit with her mom.
Her mom had Alzheimer, and I learned that she quit working, moved to different state, just so she can stay home and take care of her.

In that moment, I realized that we all have our own stories that are hidden behind the closed door. And that we should never judge others because we don’t’ know why they are doing what they are doing.

So, this morning when I was listening her message, I smiled…
She said she is competing this weekend and she met a lady who needs help with her social media marketing. And that she knows how amazing I’m doing that. She sounded so excited when she was telling me that.
She said she loved me, wished me the best, and passed all my info to that potential client for me.

The moral of this story is to be kind to everyone.
To always do your best, no matter how you feel, no matter what day you have had, someone might have it worse.

And you never know who you are inspiring. Trust me, it all comes around.

Give your best, give your heart, and people will notice.

Because if you are trying to be different on the market, you need to do it by being authentic and by helping people. One day they might help you back.



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