The Best Times to Post on Social Media with the New Algorithm

Do you get frustrated about the times to post? Are you still wondering and looking online to see what are the best time to share posts on social media?

You can now sit back and relax.


I’m sure that if you are somewhat active on social media you already heard about the new algorithm for Facebook and also Instagram.
Since Facebook owns Instagram whatever happens on Facebook slowly but surely will happen there as well.

In the past there were the best times to post depending on where you live, who is your target market, and also what type of post you were sharing.
Because all posts were shown chronologically.


That all changed with the algorithm. Now people see posts based on relevance.

Which is a good thing!
Imagine that you have 2000 friends on Facebook or few hundreds or thousands of followers on Instagram. It would be impossible to see all the posts.
And would you even want to?

If you are like me, you are busy and want to see only what really matters to you. Only the people you really look forward their posts.
Now your new friend Algorithm does that for you!

Algorithm will show in other people’s feeds only the things that it thinks it’s of their interest.
So, based on things you liked in past, things you engaged with – the posts you liked, commented or shared, algorithm will show you more of that.

Also the posts that have high engagement – high likes, comments and shares, will be pushed and shown to more people.
Because Instagram and Facebook want their users to spend more time online it will try to show them more of what they think they will like.


What does this mean for you when you are sharing your things on social media?
It gives you more freedom to post when YOU want and feel like. You are not forced to post at 6am or 5pm because it is the peak hour.


Just take your time to think about how often you can really post while still sharing valuable content and also content that others will find educational, inspirational, informational or shareable.


Because what this is really about it is not about the times you post but the value you bring and the consistency you can stick with.
Set the expectations for your followers. Do you want to post once a day, three times a day?

Don’t be posting one day ten times and then one week quiet.
When you set expectations, you are training the people to wait for your post. You are creating trust.


And that what this is all about.
Bringing value to others. Being sociable not because you should be posting but because you have something of value to share.

So, next time you will be wondering what is the best time to post, just ask yourself how you can go one step further and just give more.
Give more value, give more inspiration, help someone to make their life easier.

Because when you will do that, people will comment, like, and follow you for YOU.

This will give sign to algorithm that you are relevant, that your content matter and it will push your content for you.

Isn’t this much better than chasing the best times and running frustrated around the clock?


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