Three Quick Ways How to Quiet Your Overwhelmed Mind

I don’t’ know about you but sometimes I feel like I can’t even catch my breath with the fast pace of life
Working full time, doing two part time jobs, being full time student, working on my personal
development plus my active lifestyle makes me feel like there is just no time to stop, to breathe.
And I love all the things I do, however there are moments that I’m overwhelmed and my head is too full.
I discovered three quick methods that I want to share with you. You can do them anywhere and anytime
when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or just need to return into the present moment.
1. 4 count rhythmic breathing
Very easy breathing exercise. Just take a deep breath counting into 4, hold for count of 2, exhale
counting to 4, and hold your breath for count of 2.
Rhythmic breathing soothes your nervous system, release tension. Since you are breathing deep
you will get more oxygen and with that more energy for your body. This will also improve your
2. Deep Breaths
Another technique I learned when I visited Yin Yoga. It is very simple but super effective.
Take a very deep breath, filling in your lungs as much as possible and when breathing in think to
yourself word – LET .
When you are breathing out, empty your lungs, your stomach, get all the air out, and think to
yourself word – GO.
So as you are breathing in and out, you are repeating yourself – Let Go.
I used this technique when dealing with difficult customer, when someone tells me things I
don’t want to hear, when stuck in traffic.
3. Change your motions
When you change your motion you are changing your emotion.
Since Emotion is energy in motion. You can tell who is confident, strong, by the way the hold
their body, the way they talk. You can also tell when someone is depressed, feeling down.
It is the way we move that will create our emotions.
So when you are feeling down, tired, or stressed, simply change your motion.
Stand up and go for a quick walk on fresh air. Do few push ups, air squats, jump, basically
anything to wake up your body.
Change your body’s posture. Put your chest up, smile, put your hands on hips. Just by holding
confident posture will change your confidence.
These three things help me get through the busy days, or stressful moments.
They help bring me into the present moment without reacting on what is happening around me.
Do you also have any tips that can be easily incorporated into daily routine? Would love to hear
about them.
Please share with me any thoughts and tips in the comments.

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