If we want to change this world, we need to share our vision with those we want to serve.

Originally from Czech Republic, and now living in Las Vegas.
I can be found meditating in nature during my off time.
I love listening to podcasts, because I feel that there is always more to learn.
I believe that patience and consistency are the keys to success.

When I started to work as a social media marketing manager 6 years ago, I saw the struggle of creating meaningful connections between customers and businesses. Back then I was also competing in fitness competitions that not only took my discipline and tenacity to the next level, it also helped me see having a healthy lifestyle in a brand new light.

That’s when my passion for wellness and purpose of helping others intersected.

Today I’m empowering entrepreneurs in wellness industries to follow their passion by sharing their mission on social media, gain visibility and awareness, and build the business of their dreams.