We own and operate a small business in Las Vegas. Our specialty is body composition testing and fitness testing. We are totally new to the world of social media. Petia Kolibova has stepped in and helped us immensely. She has been wonderful in her role as a social media consultant. She does our posting for us and has done an excellent job! Petia has helped our business establish a presence on both Facebook and Instagram

Tammy & Scott Patrick
Dexafit Las Vegas

I am a small business owner which means I do not have a lot of spare time to sit and post to social media sites. I have struggled in remaining consistent with my posting to get the positive results I am looking for. I have had the pleasure of meeting Petia who has the energy, right mind-set, knowledge, ambition, passion, care and concern for truly helping others in this area of todays marketing. Within minutes Petia showed and proved to me that what she applied to my sites worked and still continues to grow my exposure.

Scott Hawley
Stoneoak Designs